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Moments by Kathy and David Photography

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I have always loved to take pictures. My first job at age 16 was at our local newspaper, as a receptionist, but the owners soon included me in taking photos, darkroom and writing articles. A terrible event in my personal life brought back a love of taking photos that I had not been pursuing to any great extent for years. My only child passed away at the age of 22. He was such a wonderful guy and I am blessed that God chose me to be his mom. Reeling from his death, I sought some sort of diversion, something to get my mind focused on anything besides my great loss. After a bad fall, I had to have surgery on my knee. While recuperating, my husband, knowing I was stir crazy at home, took me out for drives in the country. We bought a new digital camera and the old love was reborn! I soon gave him that camera and purchased a better one. We are still driving up and down old country roads, visiting new places, and traveling when we can. My family now calls me the Family Historian, because my photos of them are preserving our times together. Believe me, I have practiced on them all!

My husband, David and I, when out shooting, try to find the unusual thing that some people might not think of as being beautiful. But all of God's creation is beautiful and breathtaking in its own way. When photographed, it allows you to take a second look and see the beauty that might have gone unnoticed. Anything from nature, including birds, wildlife, insects, butterflies, old barns, sunsets, and landscapes can be found in our photography. My husband also began taking photographs, something he had always been interested in, but had never pursued much at all. He has a great eye for interesting shots and has been a great help to me in shooting family shots, weddings, etc. We have had many laughs and great adventures through our picture taking excursions.

I have named my photography “Moments by Kathy and David Photography”. This name seemed fitting after my son's death because as I grieved, I craved photos of him. I thought as I looked at them how precious they were to me now, and how each one was only a “moment” compared to the length of his life. Each photograph we take, each shot we capture at a precise interval, is only that way for a MOMENT in time. It may never come again, or at least not in that same way. My moments with my son were the most beautiful times of my life. I hope that in looking at our creations, our photography, you find something in these photos that touches you and makes you want to own that “Moments by Kathy and David” photograph and cherish it like we do. Hang it in your home, your place of business, or gift it to a friend....but let those “moments” continue to be enjoyed by others. Thank you for looking at our photos and may God bless you.

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Santa Is Here Tonight by Kathy White


ARKY Hot Air Balloon by Kathy White


The Woods Edge by Kathy White


In The Autumn Season by Kathy White


The Country Red Barn by Kathy White


Jaguar Portrait by Kathy White


Jaguar In For A Swim by Kathy White


Smiling Jaguar by Kathy White


Hear Me Roar by Kathy White


Big Day/Big Yawn by Kathy White


Jaguar Resting from Play by Kathy White


Bobcat Beauty by Kathy White


Washing My Paw by Kathy White


Beautiful Plummage by Kathy White


Thars Gold In Them Leaves by Kathy White


Leaves of Orange by Kathy White


Thankful for Sunsets by Kathy White


The Candy Man/Cotton Candy Cart by Kathy White


What? It Is EMPTY by Kathy White


Deer Pose by Kathy White


Deer Hiding in the Brush by Kathy White


Twisted Tree by the Pond by Kathy White


East Texas Oil Field by Kathy White


Texas Pumping Unit by Kathy White


East Texas Pumpjack At Sunset by Kathy White


Rusty Old Water Tower by Kathy White


Blue Heron On The Waters Edge by Kathy White


East Texas Red Clover by Kathy White


Cowboy Kneels to Pray by Kathy White


Egret On Guard by Kathy White


Squirrel saying This is MY home by Kathy White


Hot Pink by Kathy White


Bee on Pink Azalea by Kathy White


Bell Tower of Taylortown Louisiana by Kathy White


Pelicans At White Rock Lake by Kathy White


Pelican Landing by Kathy White


Beautiful Day At The Lake by Kathy White


The Graceful Swan by Kathy White


One Swan A Swimming by Kathy White


Playful Fun On The Lake by Kathy White


Seagull Chasing Coot For Food by Kathy White


Give Me Your Food by Kathy White


Here I Am/Give Me Your Bread by Kathy White


The Seagull Is A Bully by Kathy White


Holding On To My Daddy/My Hero by Kathy White


Someone Please Pick Me Up by Kathy White


Got To Get That New Toy by Kathy White


Long Day on the Range by Kathy White